Making A Release


  1. Update the version numbers by running node scripts/set_version_number.js <version>.
  2. Make sure that the version histories in docs/api/changelog.rst, docs/app/changelog.rst and docs/metadata/changelog.rst have the correct changelogs for the new release and that its release date is set.

If the new release makes metadata syntax changes:

  1. Run lomad using lomad -t <github personal access token> -a -b <branch name> to (for all masterlists) create a branch for that release.
  2. Update the default masterlist branch value and add the old value to GameSettings::oldDefaultBranches in src/backend/game/game_settings.cpp.


  1. Tag the commit and push the tag to GitHub.
  2. Activate the tag's documentation version on Read The Docs.

Port Metadata

Be sure to merge post-branching metadata changes that were made in the masterlists' old default branches into the new default branches.