Using Noto Fonts for Chinese and Korean in LOOT

In order to provide a more pleasant reading experience, LOOT supports the use of Google's Noto fonts for its Simplified Chinese and Korean translations. However, due to their size, they are not included with LOOT.

To use the Noto fonts with LOOT:

  1. Download the Simplified Chinese and/or Korean fonts from Google.
  2. Extract the downloaded archives and place the *.otf files they contain into your %LOOT%/resources/report/fonts/ folder, where %LOOT% is LOOT's installation directory.
  3. If you have LOOT open, close and re-launch it. It will detect and load the Noto fonts.

You can also install the fonts by right-clicking them and choosing the "Install" option, or double-clicking them and clicking the "Install" button in the window that is opened, but LOOT may be unable to load fonts installed in this manner.